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Soul Practice Retreat for Lawyers

Discover Renewal of your Soul in Practice at the Land at King City, ON.

June 22, 2024 

9:00AM – 5:00PM

Designed For You

About Our Retreat

Welcome to a sanctuary designed specifically for legal professionals seeking balance, clarity, and renewal. You’re constantly navigating complex cases, managing high-stakes negotiations, and shouldering the weight of your clients concerns.

It’s no wonder that stress, burnout, and a sense of disconnect can creep in, overshadowing the passion and purpose that led you to law in the first place.

At our exclusive retreat accredited by the Law Society of Ontario, we understand the unique challenges you face.

That’s why we’ve curated a sanctuary where legal expertise meets soulful practice amidst the serene embrace of nature.

Soul is Everything

Our Offerings:

Breathwork and Emotional Intelligence:

  • Cultivate mindfulness and resilience through guided breathwork sessions.
  • Develop emotional intelligence tools to navigate professional challenges with
    clarity and compassion.

Conscious Communication and Values:

  • Deepen your understanding of conscious communication to foster authentic
  • Explore personal and professional values alignment for greater fulfillment and

Silent Yoga:

  • Rejuvenate body and mind with revitalizing yoga sessions led by an experienced
  • Sink into deep relaxation with gentle yoga poses, allowing your body to release tension and restore balance.

Nature Walk:

  • A guided nature walk surrounded by 32 acres of natures wisdom.
  • Find solace in silent nature walk, allowing introspection amidst the tranquil beauty of our surroundings.

Culinary Delights and Luxurious Comfort:

  • Indulge in a gourmet lunch crafted with locally-sourced, nourishing ingredients.
  • Immerse yourself in nature nestled among lush trees and overlooking a serene lake.


  • Accredited by the Law Society of Ontario.
  • Professional hours + EDI hours

Soulful Advocacy

Why Retreat With Us:



Our facilitation team understands the unique stresses of the legal profession and combines that knowledge with soulful practice proficiency.



This retreat is tailored specifically for legal professionals like you, blending professional accreditation with soulful practices.


Transform & Connect

In our supportive and serene environment, you’ll experience profound transformation and connect with a community of like-minded professionals committed to holistic growth.

Soul Is Everything

Meet The Facilitators:

Nicolle Kopping-Pavars

Nicolle was a practicing family law lawyer and mediator for 25 years (South Africa and Canada) and now advocates for Mental Wellness  by providing programming that delivers balance and peacemaking processes to individuals, professionals and corporations who are committed to finding peace in their lives and practice. Nicolle is a certified Mindfulness Instructor and author and presents workshops and training on Mindfulness, Emotional Intelligence, Conscious Communication and Trauma both locally and internationally.

She is also a teacher on InsightTimer a global meditation app.

Genya Klaiman

Genya works with unconventional leaders who are struggling with burnout, helping them to identify the shifts needed to allow for their continued success and growth. Genya’s specialty is in helping clients to slow down and connect with sources of high intelligence to solve complex business and life challenges.

His unique approach blends Soul Coaching and Transformative Breathwork.

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