One on One Professional Coaching

Individual mentoring and coaching to help you develop a mindful and value-based organization.

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Kindfulness (Kindness combined with Mindfulness) is the ability to be fully present in your life while accepting what you are experiencing. The kindfulness training program will help you become more aware of yourself and others, so that you can respond instead of react to problems.

If you often find your mind wandering and struggle to stay positive, my kindfulness training is for you.

One-on-one training is specifically designed to help you overcome your unique challenges and live a more positive life.

Living with positivity and kindness leads to greater well-being, better relationships with family members, friends, co-workers or anyone else around you.

You’ll also learn how to practice everyday mindfulness by developing your own daily meditation practice.

This will allow you to have power over challenging situations in and outside of the work environment.

1 on 1 Coaching Tailored Specifically for Professionals

One on one coaching with someone who fully understands your career and lifestyle allows you to go deeper and reach heights you may have never considered. Our coaching program helps you find stillness and develop a practice (lifestyle and work style) that aligns with you on a fundamental level. We dig deep to align you with your true values. A combination of spiritual and practical advice creates a holistic coaching system uniquely tailored to you.

The Benefits of Mindfulness

These are some of the scientific benefits of mindfulness.

Relieve stress: Mindfulness can reduce stress and help you manage your thoughts and feelings better. It’s also a great way to improve your moods, even if just for the moment.

Improve sleep: Do you struggle to fall asleep or get deep rest?  Mindfulness has been shown to help with sleep, meaning better rest and improved energy levels.

Better general health: Mindfulness isn’t only beneficial for your mental health but your physical health too. It’s been shown to help with blood pressure, chronic pain, and alleviating symptoms of some conditions.

Increased focus: With mindfulness, you’ll be able to focus better and longer on the things that matter. You won’t get distracted as easily or let your mind wander into negative thought patterns.

Mindfulness training is a great way to spend some time learning about yourself in order to be happier and healthier so please contact me today to learn more. 

The Benefits of Kindness

Benefits of Kindness (Mental Health Foundation)

Reduced Stress: Acts of kindness can lead to reduced stress levels and lower blood pressure.

Improved Mental Health: Volunteering and acts of kindness are associated with reduced symptoms of depression and improve mental well being.

Enhanced Relationships: Engaging in prosocial behaviors (acts of kindness) strengthens interpersonal relationships and contributes to relationship satisfaction.

Social Connection: engaging in kind and helpful behavior leads to greater feelings of social

Positive ripple effect: Acts of kindness can create ripple effects influencing others to engage in kind behaviours.

Workplace benefits: Studies show that a positive and kind workplace culture is linked to increased employee engagement, satisfaction and productivity.

Mindfulness for the Busy Professional Program:

Elevate your professional and personal life with ‘Mindfulness for the Busy Professional,’ a dynamic three-month program designed to cultivate resilience, establish boundaries, and equip you with practical strategies to manage stress, overwhelm, and anxiety. Through a blend of mindfulness techniques and actionable insights, learn to harness the power of presence and self-awareness, enabling you to thrive amidst the demands of your busy lifestyle. Join our community of like-minded professionals and embark on a journey of growth, balance, and inner peace.

Catalyst Coaching: Your Personal Self Development Coaching Program:

Cultivate wisdom and intuition to make empowered decisions, challenge and liberate yourself from limiting beliefs, and reignite your passions and unique strengths. Experience a renewed sense of wonder and purpose in your life as you gain access to mindfulness tools for instant stress relief. With Catalyst Coaching, seamlessly integrate simple yet highly effective techniques into your daily routine, paving the way for profound personal growth and transformation. Embrace the journey to becoming the best version of yourself with the Catalyst Coaching Program.