The Mindfulness cards came as an intuitive inspiration from my Mindfulness students. I realized that they needed a tool to guide them through the week and to act as a mindfulness-awareness prompt to guide them in their every day Mindfulness practice.

And so the idea of creating a deck of cards was created. The deck contains insightful quotes, lesson or fables to assist you in establishing your own mindfulness practice.

There are 52 inspirations representing a practice for each week of the year. The lesson you need will find you. The accompanying book reveals a teaching related to the specific card.

Once you have selected a card, (if you are using the deck of cards) or just randomly chosen a page that found you, contemplate on the message and then immerse yourself in the lesson for one full week. You will be surprised how meaningful the lesson is and how it will show up throughout the week.

This book is also a useful accompaniment to the Lotus-Law Mindfulness Cards.

Lotus Law Mindfulness Book