3 Simple Rules

By Nicolle Kopping-Pavars, Barrister, Solicitor, and Mindfulness Teacher.

It really is a shame if we don’t develop the wisdom to see the nature of reality. We spend so much of our lives complicating our lives. Chasing the things we think we want or pushing away the things we don’t.

Mindfulness knows what has arisen and wisdom understands the truth. If we can remember three simple rules, we can avoid complication and invite simplicity in.

  1. Whatever is happening on the outside has caused a reaction on the inside. Just know that.
  2. Know that this discomfort or complication does not define the very essence of who you are. Things happen, most things are out of our control. Circumstances and situations are not us. Things happen just because they do, we cant control life. Trying to force control only brings strife.
  3. Whatever it is – it’s  temporary. Nothing stays the same forever, not even problems or bad moods.

 Invite simplicity in.

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