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Ubuntu: I am because You are – Living a Life filled with humanity and kindness.

July 12, 2023 @ 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm


Ubuntu is an African Philosophy that represents personhood, humanity, humaneness and morality.

“I am because you are.”

The Ubuntu philosophy is the basis for cooperation, compassion, communalism, concern for the interests of the collective, and respect for the dignity of personhood, with emphasis on the virtues of dignity in social relationships and practices.

It embraces the idea that humans cannot exist in isolation. We depend on connection, community, and caring — simply, we cannot be without each other. This philosophy requires a conscious shift in how we think about ourselves and others, especially at a time when our nation is more divided than ever.

Research shows that acts of kindness promote:

  • well-being,
  • counteract burnout, and
  • lower turnover rates. 

These can be words of praise, moments of recognition and gestures of appreciation.

This free event is an inspirational opportunity to harness the potential impact of our thoughts, words, and emotions so that we can promote greater understanding and empathy in the work we do and contribute to a culture of kindness.